Dr. Georgi Parlichev

Dr. Georgi Parlichev

Member of CCMS Foundation Council
Marine Ecology, Oceanology

Dr. Georgi Parlichev has a Master degree in Ecology and Environmental protection and obtained his PhD from the Institute of Oceanology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2012. During his research he worked on the development of innovative reef breakwaters to restore the eroded beaches as Natured-Based Solutions (NBS) and participated in several research projects at IO-BAS:

  • Ancient coastlines of the Black Sea and conditions for human presence – Expedition “Noah –2009” (DO 02-337/2008-NSF), National Science Fund, Ministry of Education and Youth.
  • Joint Bulgarian-Romanian project: “Joint GIS-based Coastal Classification of the Bulgarian-Romanian Black Sea Shoreline for Risks Assessment”, 2010-2012, funded by National Science Fund - Ministry of Education and Science;
  • Joint Bulgarian-Estonian research project “Coastal sand dunes along the Estonian and Bulgarian Black Sea shorelines: inventory and natural/human-induced changes”, 2010-2012;

After his Ph.D. in 2012 he was subcontracted in the MarineGeohazard Project funded by CBC Programme Romania - Bulgaria 2007-2013, where he was responsible for the data collection and reporting from the Bulgarian side.In 2013 Georgi started working for the Bulgarian government sector (Black Sea Basin Directorate in Varna), providing expert support to the implementation of marine legislation through data collection, analysis, environmental compliance and GIS mapping. In addition, he represented Bulgaria in the working groups in the European Commission (DG Environment) and the Commission for the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution. As appointed for the implementation of the MSFD he was the Bulgarian coordinator of the Bulgarian-Romanian project “Technical and Administrative Support for the Joint Implementation of the MSFD in Bulgaria and Romania - Phase I”. Within this project, he developed the Bulgarian monitoring programme under Art. 11 of the MSFD together with experts from ARCADIS, COWI and HELCOM, in close cooperation with his Romanian colleagues from the research institutes GEOECOMAR and NIMRD “Grigore Antipa”. The fact sheets, de facto, set forth the implementation of the Bulgarian and Romanian monitoring programmes. In 2020 he was involved as an expert in developing diagnostic of the current evidence-based knowledge and scientific outputs on the various components/sectors of the Blue Economy in Bulgaria, coordinated by the World Bank. Georgi has been involved as key ecology expert leading a project team charged with the implementation of the environmental part in the Maritime Spatial Plan of Bulgaria.

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